Womens Peacock Costume


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Are you part showgirl, part show off? If you seize every opportunity shake your tail feathers…we have the perfect costume for you! It's playful, glamorous and oh so alluring. Think vintage-inspired, right off of an old Hollywood set. You’ll feel like a star dressed to the nines in dramatic colors and show-stopping patterns. An added bonus: you can show off your gorgeous gams, of course. There’s nothing wrong with a little peacock pride, after all!Of all the birds in the world, there is none is more majestic than peacocks. They have long been the subjects of myths and lore for hundreds of years. Just how did they get their eye-shaped spots on their tail feathers? It depends on who you ask. Oh, and here’s a fascinating fact: female peacocks display their tails to other females to assert dominance while vying for a male’s attention. Admit it, you'd do the same thing if you had tail feathers like that. Which brings us to our next point...You can shake your tail feathers while wearing this Women’s Peacock Costume! This costume also has an added element of surprise: its versatility. The tail can lay flat like a dress train, or when you want some attention you can raise it up to show off your impeccable sense of style…or chase off the competition. Get ready to strut your stuff like the showgirl you are!

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